Traveled On An Almost Empty Plane From Venezuela To Aruba January 2014

It was a strange experience riding a plane with only 3 passengers on board! Yes an exciting chartered flight indeed.

We worked in an offshore oilfield. Our crew changes usually were arranged in such that the relievers would come on board on time for the other outgoing team to leave. Otherwise the manning would be adversely affected if arriving crew would be delayed. In this case the Company would charter a private plane to ensure timely crew changes on board.

This is interesting in the sense that spiritually speaking not everybody has this exceptional journey when you seem alone inside an airplane. I consider this a “meant to be” event in our lives which is simply intended to be shared. So here it is, that many should know that it is possible and has really happened in real life. For me, inside of me, I believe that Father God allowed this to happen for a purpose.