My US Visa Was Right-It Seemed Wrong!

In 1998 I was assigned on board Castoro 10 which had a pipelaying project in Offshore, New Orleans, USA. The job was named “Destin Dome Project” by Shell. It was an exciting work because I would be seeing America for the first time. Moreover, my mother and my sister’s family had been staying in Chicago and I would have the chance to meet them.

Manpower Resources of Asia, our office in Manila asked me to prepare well for the interview knowing how strict the US Embassy was during that time. I readied myself with personal documents and work certificates which I presumed would be necessary.

Fortunately, the Consul simply wanted to see the endorsement by our Company, Saipem, an Italian Oil Company. Upon verification she immediately issued a visa release date. I was asked to return after four days. It was worth waiting – I was given a Business Visa!

Upon entry, the US Immigration stamped on my passport the length of stay according to the expected duration of our pipelaying activities. The next day I took a helicopter flight which brought me to the Pipelaying Vessel offshore New Orleans.

The campaign was so short. It took only about two months. Castoro 10 then prepared for departure from the Area. Customs and Immigration formalities took place. All documents on board were inspected and checked.

Surprisingly most of the crew were holding a Seaman Visa which was so easy to obtain. It was assumed that the work activities were to be done in the sea, thereby that type of permit. Logically speaking it was correct.

The visa issued to me in Manila US Embassy was a Business Visa! The good professional lady Consul approved of it after assessing the Company letter I showed her. Our Agency was surprised too! They thought it was a mistake or rather something impossible.

The US Immigration Law however stated that Offshore Workers should have a Business Visa. In that case, mine was correct but because it was different from the rest it seemed to be wrong.

Upon completion of the project I flew to Chicago. There was no problem at all with the Immigrations Office. I was in possession of a right visa! That occasion proved that indeed God’s Plan would always prevail! Sometimes it looks sad we do not recognize His loving works in us. How could we ever not recognize His caring power and trust that all would end well?

Mild Stroke! By God’s Grace He Saves Indeed

On the 6th of August 2019, I was hospitalized at St Luke’s. Doctors saw through MRI, a blot clot in my brain. Their diagnosis- a mild stroke! Somehow, numbness was felt in my right arm and my pinchers (pointer finger and thumb) could hardly move.

My wife was beside me all the time. She was weary and sad but I knew she prayed intimately. It was her comfort that Father God will just be right there to stay with us. She knew that all will end up in His glory. She is a breast cancer victim and she is surviving it. Oh, how noble she was by watching over her sick husband. All we had was to trust in God’s mercy as we have always done in the past. He has never forsaken us who sincerely beg for His help.

Another day of observation at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was necessary for a possible deadly recurrence. Doctors advised a regular check of vital signs. For me it was a moment to call on Father God again. Coming to Him has become a recourse whenever we encountered an emergency situation like this.

My blood pressure began to normalize surprisingly! The attending doctor told me I was fortunate because nothing worse happened. Except for the slight numbness in my right arm the rest of my motor skills were functioning well. I saw it as another blessing instead! Now my right fingers are back to normal. Father God, once again, has made Himself felt in us.

Today there are two witnesses for you of God’s love and sincerity- my wife who has a breast caner (3rd stage b) and I who was hit by a mild stroke. These are only among many miracles we experience in our daily life. Obviously, He touches us to return to Him. He is indeed real!

He is waiting for you!

My Wife Has Cancer; By God’s Grace She Is Surviving It!

In 2017 my wife, Melba, was diagnosed with cancer. She submitted herself to a laboratory test and it was indeed confirmed that she had breast cancer, a very unwelcome news.

It was however an opportunity too to become more closed to the Almighty who makes all things happen. He will do something great again as He has always done to us, we believe.

A friend helped us to a very good doctor of a Foundation. She was asked to undergo six chemotherapies with an interval of three weeks each. The protocol was later changed to an additional of 12 weekly sessions.

Midway along the weekly therapies my wife decided to stop because the regular blood tests prior to the chemotherapy were hurting her hand. She found recourse to taking natural and fresh food. She would prepare fresh juices in the morning like lemon grass (tanglad), avocado leaves, and cucumber among others.

Our meals included fresh vegetables for her salad and mostly unprocessed fish for the main menu. She takes meat once a week.

She gets good sleep, drinks plenty of water, keeps herself busy with spiritual things and most of all avoids stressful thoughts.

Her daily routine consists of praying after rising, fixing the bed, going to toilet and preparing the breakfast. Most of the day she reads and listens to wise discussions and teaches our grandson, Zion.

This year, 2019, my wife Melba, by the grace of Father God is doing well. She feels no pain. We could only thank Heaven for keeping her healthy and strong! Then we remember- in 1997 we decided to offer tithes (10% of our gross income) and even now we continue to be blessed by the promise (in Malachi 3:10 ) that He will take care for those who obey His commands.