When God Lifts up a Humble

Please watch a very moving video of an orphan( Sung-bong Choi) who grew up working as a “manual worker”. Be sensitive enough to see God in action. Our Loving Creator is always at work. Let us open our eyes. At all times….

Source: You Tube uploaded by gmidnjsroEl on jun 4, 2011

Photo: markkay.wordpress.com


One thought on “When God Lifts up a Humble

  1. We are all instruments of God. Not on the right tone at times. Always seek the beauty of life, enjoy being free, do what ever that we think and always think of a way on how we can fill our emptiness, to sustain our human needs and be artifact of evil by others, they say. Please don’t believe those OTHERS. Anyone is task to do what ever he think and wanted to do and how it will be done neither good or bad.

    But please leave it as it is, its a Gods will not him not them not me and not you. Continue to care with or without discrimination follow your heart and dictate what ever you want to dictate things you wanted to be, co’z God lets you.

    This is how God wants us to do. And as promised you will be lifted. We are all instrument by his own music that ever noted that we deliver always part of the music as it plays.

    Continue to love and be loved… co’z he always loved us.


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